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Fee Waiver

2023 Wellness Summit: Fee Waiver Application

YSC’s Fee Waiver program seeks to alleviate the financial burden of attending the YSC Wellness Summit and facilitates equitable access to quality education and a supportive community for all who need it. 

Fee Waivers provide a waiver for the entire registration price of $150. 

Fee waivers are available to attendees in the Restore and Tour de Pink (TDP) Tracks. TDP riders must still meet their fundraising minimums.

Note: Each applicant must use a personal, unique email address (not a shared/family email address) for this application. If approved, you will use the same unique email address to register for the 2023 YSC Wellness Summit.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Priority is given to young breast cancer survivors and young adults living with metastatic breast cancer, as well as their co-survivors. 
  • You must be in good standing with YSC and our past conferences/events. YSC reserves the right to decline financial assistance, if an individual provides misinformation in the application process or shows misconduct at any time.

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