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How to Register & Set Up Fundraising Pages

Click REGISTER and select whether you want to register as an individual, join a team or create a team.

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Select your registration type and click REGISTER.


    1. TDP Cycling Track – 1-Day Ride on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2024. You can still participate in Restore activities when not out on the road, but selecting this lets us know that we need to prepare for your cycling experience.
    2. Restore Track (Not riding in TDP Track) is to participate in wellness workshops and activities without riding in the cycling component of the weekend. This track has no fundraising commitment, but we hope everyone will fundraise.

registration for restore or tdp track

Choose whether or not you want to add a donation. You can also add a promotional code if you have one.


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Fill in your billing details and click PURCHASE. You can click VIEW to see your fundraising page.


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To log in and make changes to your fundraising page, check your email and click on START FUNDRAISING to claim your account and create your password. To log in at any time int he future, click LOGIN at the top.

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Once you login, you’ll want to click MANAGE to make changes to the photos and text on your fundraising dashboard.

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You can follow the prompt cards on the homepage or click the tabs at the top of your dashboard to make changes. You can personalize your page with images, your story and even raise your fundraising goal. (see three images below.)

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Now it’s time to share with your supporters! Click on EMAILS to copy and paste sample donation solicitation and thank you emails into your email provider such as Gmail or Apple Mail. This fundraising platform does not store your donor information, so you’ll want to retain your support email lists each year or comment directly on your fundraising page to thank a donor.

You can also share pre-written messages directly to your social account. If you’re already logged in to a Facebook or Twitter account in your browser, the platform will use that information automatically. To change the social media account the platform uses, open a new tab in your web browser and log out of your Facebook or Twitter account. Go back to the platform page, and click on Facebook. You should be prompted to put in new log in information.

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