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About Lisa J. Frank

The TDP Cycling Track of the YSC Wellness Summit has a long and important history with YSC. It began in 2004 as the YSC Tour de Pink (TDP), co-founded by Lisa J. Frank and Matt Purdue. Lisa, who was a young survivor herself, founding member of YSC, and one of the fiercest advocates for all young adults affected by breast cancer. 

She was among the first YSC group who met in 1998, all diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40. They had all personally experienced that young adults were missing from the research, community and conversations about breast cancer. More than 20 years later, these needs still define YSC’s work. 

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The Ride of a Lifetime

In 2004, Lisa’s heart and soul went into co-founding TDP, born out of her love for cycling and belief that achieving a common goal would create a community and foster confidence and optimism in her fellow survivors. 

The very first ride began with only six riders registered to bike from Boston to New York. That year, Lisa’s re-diagnosis as stage II meant she couldn’t ride. She helped get the small group food and housing, including an overnight stay at the house of a friend’s parents who’d agreed to let the riders sleep there. This gesture of hospitality – letting a group of sweaty, exhausted strangers sleep at their home – is exactly the community spirit that characterizes the TDP ride today.

Texas is a do-able flight or drive for many people, and flights are frequent from most parts of the country. These factors make the event even more accessible. Additionally, YSC has a large constituency in and around this area, and we value the ability to bring our resources to them.

While we share concerns about restrictive legislation around reproductive rights in Texas, we do not want to withhold opportunities for our community to come together based on where they live.

Rider #1

Lisa created not only a beautiful TDP family, connecting each of us across the country through a common goal, but an enduring legacy that will continue with her memory ever-present as Rider #1. She showed us how to live with her generosity and mentorship of other survivors. 

Lisa passed away on December 30, 2020 at age 58. TDP was renamed in her honor as the YSC Tour de Pink Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride, and you will see her name throughout the TDP Track at the YSC Wellness Summit. Her energy, determination and spirit will live on with all who ride every year.


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