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Sept 20-22, 2024

We’re headed to beautiful Bonita Springs, FL for the 2024 YSC Wellness Summit. Save your spot to be the first to get access to all the details!

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This isn’t your average
wellness event

We are building a movement in the YSC community for better health, well-being and resilience to whatever life throws your way. You set the goals and choose the wellness track that will enhance your relationship to your mind, body and spirit.

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Choose Your Track or Combine the Two…


yourself with the TDP Track

YSC Tour de Pink Track welcomes newbie cyclists and seasoned veterans on this supportive community bike ride through gorgeous scenery in North Austin. Ride one day or two days, and choose a route that’s right for you. We’ll offer 100 and 62-mile options on Saturday and a 45-mile route on Sunday. Participate in Wellness workshops when you’re not out on the road.

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the restore track

The Restore Track at the YSC Wellness Summit is designed to reignite your connection to your body, mind and spirit. Fitness workshops offer challenges to those who want them but give everyone an opportunity to adapt to their individual physical needs. Mindfulness practices help us slow down and reconnect to our inner selves. Everything works together to offer opportunities for a holistic approach to your health and wellness.

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What’s the Buzz!

image of Jenny L.

So grateful that an organization like YSC puts on amazing events like the Wellness Summit. We meditated, journaled and got our sweat on with strength training and pilates. I went into the weekend not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone, but when you bring young cancer survivors together something magical happens.


image of Dulce

“I am looking forward to the weekend with breasties and crossing that finish line! [The cycling ride] creates confidence in survivors and thrivers in a way no one will really understand but us.”


image of Tony

I’ve made so many amazing friends through this process [of riding in Tour de Pink]. I say it a lot that I hate cancer, but I love what it has brought into my life.


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