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Frequently Asked Questions

YSC Wellness Summit General FAQs

What does my registration fee cover?

The cost of registration includes weekend programming, activities and workshops, as well as meals during the event. Community breakfasts and lunches will be available on Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday evening dinner is also included. Each participant also receives a custom YSC Wellness Summit t-shirt.

Can I participate in both cycling and other wellness activities?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. While some events will coincide, there will also be opportunities for riders to participate in wellness workshops and activities and those not riding to celebrate fellow participants crossing the finish line.


Is there an age restriction to attend the event?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to attend the YSC Wellness Summit Restore Track activities and ride in the TDP Track. Unfortunately, anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to participate in either Track even if they have registered.


How do I book my hotel?

Book your hotel with YSC’s special group rate at the Renaissance Austin Hotel by clicking “Check Availability” to select your room type. Hotel rooms are $209 + tax per night for single-bed rooms and $219 + tax per night for double-bed rooms. We also encourage everyone to consider sharing a room with another attendee. This reduces the cost of your stay and can facilitate a meaningful way to bond with others in the YSC community. Join the 2023 YSC Wellness Summit private Facebook group if you’re looking for a roommate. 


Do I have to stay at the hotel suggested?

Attendees are not required to stay at the event hotel, but we strongly encourage you to do so to immerse yourself in the welcoming YSC community. If cost is a factor, financial assistance is available through Travel Grants and Fee Waivers while funding lasts.


Is there financial assistance available to attend this year? 

Yes. Attendees can apply for a Fee Waiver to waive the registration fee. There are also a limited number of Travel Grants available, which are awarded based on financial need with priority given to those living with metastatic breast cancer. If you apply for a Travel Grant, please do not register until you receive a decision from YSC.


If I registered for one Track and want to switch to a different Track, is that allowed?
(Example, I registered for a 2-day ride in the TDP Track, but now I want to ride one day only. Or I registered for the TDP Track and now I want to do the Wellness Track.) 

Yes, you can switch to a different track until September 22, 2023. You’ll just need to notify us by emailing Please note, if you switch to the TDP Track after August 10, 2023, you may not receive a jersey by the time of the event; it will be mailed to you at a later date. 


Is the event held rain or shine?  

Yes, YSC Wellness Summit will be held rain or shine.  For the TDP Track, we ride in the rain, but in the event of dangerous conditions (i.e. lightning, flooding, etc.), we will delay or cancel the event as appropriate.


Why did you choose Austin, Texas for this year’s event? 

It was important to YSC to find a location that is between the east and west coast TDP communities, as we work to join these two communities together into one. Texas is also home to a very large YSC community, making it a place accessible to many young adults currently impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis. While the leadership and staff of YSC share concerns about restrictive legislation of reproductive rights in Texas, we prioritize our constituents first, choosing locations that can make YSC events accessible to the people who need them.


What are the COVID protocols for the Wellness Summit this year?

Please see the COVID-19 info page for full details of COVID protocols during the event.


Restore Track FAQs

Will the wellness activities be accessible for every fitness level or mindful of mobility issues?

Absolutely. The YSC Wellness Summit is designed to meet your body where it is with what it needs. In the Restore Track, there will be a variety of activities and workshops, and these will offer appropriate modifications so that everyone can participate.


I chose the Restore Track – do I have to fundraise too? 

Restore Track attendees are not required to fundraise, but we’d love it if you did! If you feel called to try out your fundraising game, we’ve got many fun incentives that can make fundraising more fun.


TDP Track (Cycling) FAQs

How is the TDP fundraising minimum so low? 

Re-envisioning the event has allowed YSC to creatively source other fundraising opportunities, including corporate sponsorships that helped underwrite the cost of putting on the event. This not only ensures more survivors, thrivers, co-survivors and TDP riders can attend; it helps commit more dollars raised by participants directly to meaningful programs, education opportunities, and community resources.


Why is there a fundraising minimum for riders and not others? 

To honor TDP’s co-founder, Lisa J. Frank, and her dedication to raising funds to continue the essential work of YSC, we embrace the fundraising component for the cycling part of this event. The cycling portion also incurs larger expenses for logistics, and fundraising minimums can assist in offsetting the cost of putting on the ride. However, Restore Track attendees are encouraged to fundraise as a way to give back and pay it forward for this amazing YSC community.


What does the TDP Track fundraising minimum cover? 

In addition to the cost of hosting the TDP track, your fundraising dollars go toward supporting the critical educational programs, community events, and support opportunities that young adults affected by breast cancer rely on everyday . These include scholarships to the YSC Summit each year, the bi-annual MBC Legacy Retreat, consistent access to virtual education, one-on-one guided support, 8 different monthly virtual hangouts, and so much more. Every dollar you raise ensures every young adult affected by breast cancer has an organization built to address their needs. 


How long after the event do I have to meet my fundraising minimum?

All TDP Track riders must raise their minimum by event to ride. Everyone who attends the YSC Wellness Summit will have 30 days after the event to continue fundraising and earn very cool incentives. 


What if I have never cycled? How do I start?

We were all beginning cyclists once! First, check out the training guides and New Rider Manual to familiarize yourself with your bike, a training schedule and other important information. You can also email YSC to be paired with an experienced rider who can offer guidance and encouragement as you train for the ride.


I cannot attend but would like to ride and/or fundraise virtually. How do I do that?

You can sign up to participate in the TDP Track virtually! Register here and choose the virtual option. All virtual riders receive the 2023 YSC Wellness Summit t-shirt and compete for very cool incentives this year.

Is there a Team Jersey Day this year?

Yes! Team Jersey Day is Saturday, October 7. All riders should wear the 2023 event jersey on Sunday, October 8. If you are riding only one day, please wear your 2023 event jersey that day.


Will the cycling ride be fully supported (with SAG vans, rest stops, mechanics, etc.)?

Yes, this year’s ride is fully supported with Service & Gear Vans, rest stops, mechanics, snacks, and a whole lot of cheering for your ride!


Will there be survivor bikes this year?

Unfortunately, there are no survivor bikes offered this year. This is a very important program to YSC, and we hope to bring it back in the future. We also hope that survivors who received a bike in the past will come to the event and ride on your donated survivor bike!


What day of riding can I do a century?

A century route will be offered on Saturday only.


Can I ride an electric bike (e-bike)? 

Only class 1 e-bikes (pedal assist) are allowed. Classes 2 and 3 are considered a “motor vehicle” and not allowed at the event. 


Can I ride a tandem bike? 

Tandem bikes are allowed at the event but require you to notify us in advance. If you want to ride a tandem bike, please email


Can I use a tri-bars?

 No, tri-bars are not permitted during the TDP Track ride.


Will I be timed?

No, this is not a timed event. It’s a ride, not a race.


Are helmets required? 

YES! Helmets are required for every bike route. Riders will not be allowed to participate without a helmet.  


Are there rest stops and other support? 

During the ride, there will be 1-3 rest stops depending on the length of your route. Rest stops are prepared with food and beverage, as well as mechanical and medical assistance. The routes are well marked with event signage.  SAG vans (support and gear vehicles) will also patrol the route to provide assistance, if necessary. Law enforcement will work to ensure rider safety on the road.  


How do I download my donor contacts if I rode TDP before?

Only those who rode in 2022 are able to download their contacts from the former fundraising system. It is not possible for previous years to download contacts.

If you rode in 2022, go to and click LOG IN at the top right, click REPORTS on the Dashboard tabs, and scroll down once on REPORTS until you see your donor history. Click COLUMNS and check EMAIL. Once the report populates, click EXPORT to get their email addresses.