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COVID-19 Protocols

To ensure our YSC community remains as safe as possible, we’ve prepared some COVID-19 guidelines for the 2024 YSC Wellness Summit. YSC prioritizes the health and safety of our community above all else, and we know you do too!


Please read the following COVID-19 protocols carefully and follow them throughout the event:

  • Testing: It is recommended that all attendees take a COVID-19 test 24 hours or less before your Summit arrival. If you test positive, please stay home. 
  • Vaccinations: While we will not ask for proof of vaccination, YSC strongly encourages all Summit participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including eligible booster shots.
  • Masking: Masks are not required, but you may want to consider wearing one in crowded spaces or if you are currently immunocompromised. We will provide a supply of masks in the registration area, as well as hand sanitizing stations.
  • Social distancing: We will do our best to allow for space in all event areas so that you may social distance as you wish.

*Please note that YSC will be following COVID-19 trends carefully in the days leading up to the YSC Wellness Summit. We reserve the right to change the COVID-19 safety protocols, so that we are taking the current infection rates and spread into account. All registrants will be notified of changes in advance of their arrival.



Testing Recommendations:

Everyone who plans to be onsite is recommended to test for COVID-19 before arriving using an at-home or lab-based antigen test*.

You are welcome to bring additional tests for the duration of your stay. Should you test positive onsite, see information below.



If you test positive while onsite:


Other scenarios:

  • You are testing negative, but you feel ill or have a fever related to ANY illness: do NOT come to the YSC Wellness Summit and the event site. If you begin to feel ill onsite, contact the designated YSC staff person (516-268-6706).
  • If someone in your household has tested positive within 5 days of arrival – do NOT come to the Summit and the event site.


Thank you for your cooperation as we all prepare to be together for this incredible event! See you in Bonita Springs.