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All Things Bikes

Bike Shipping

Bike shipping services are available through Bike Flights. You can also arrange for additional services for an additional charge such as assembly or disassembly and packing. The specific shop information can be found on the Bike Flights website.

Bike Rentals

Trek bike rentals are available through local bike shop Mellow Johnny’s. Austin City Limits is the same weekend as the YSC Wellness Summit, so you’ll want to arrange your bike rental early. Riders will need to go to the shop to pick up their rental on Thursday or Friday in order to be fitted then returned on Sunday. Visit Mellow Johnny’s website or call 512-473-0222 to reserve your bike.

On-Site Bike Mechanics

Qualified bike mechanics will be on site to assist you at the start venue before, during and after the ride.

Please note: YSC Tour de Pink and Young Survival Coalition will not be responsible for bicycle rental, transport or shipping.

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Beginner Bike Manual

Download the Bike Manual for new riders.

Download Manual


Safety Information

  • All COVID-19 protocols will be followed in accordance with the CDC and state/local health agency requirements.
  • Each rider must be in sound health for their chosen mileage goal.
  • Always wear a helmet when you are riding your bike.  
  • Stay to the right and leave at least one bike length between you and the rider in front of you. Ride single-file when appropriate.
  • Use the dedicated bike lane whenever possible.
  • Obey ALL traffic laws and road signs. Stop at all stop signs and red lights.  
  • Ride defensively and stay alert.  
  • Communicate your intention – use hand signals to indicate turns.  
  • Look behind you before passing to make sure it’s clear.  
  • Pass only when it’s safe to do so and only on the left. When passing, call out loudly, “On your left!”  
  • Never wear headphones or earbuds while on your bike.  No selfie sticks.
  • Eat before you feel hungry and drink before you feel thirsty. Stay hydrated!  
  • Be courteous and respectful to others.